Is it outrageous to ask an escort for an extra free shot? Is it ok to ask for a discount on a blowjob? Exactly how handsy can I get with a half-naked stripper? Many times men end up asking or doing things with sex workers that, apparently, can be quite questionable. Sometimes enough to ruin a night. With the exception of a hand full of people in society, most people usually know how to behave in normal circumstances. Such as at the salon, or while going to the doctor just as well in all, every person to person interactions. People know not to cut lines, maintain an inside voice, respecting another person’s personal space and many other basic social protocols. Be that as it may, an astounding number of gentlemen have no clue how to behave whilst in the company of a sex worker.

People who work in the Sex Industry give out their bodies as a service and it is necessary to learn to respect and be polite to them, as not only people, but also professionals who take their job seriously. But what are the Dos and Don’ts?

Here is what you should and shouldn’t do while enjoying services from

Respect Boundaries

As with any interaction, with any person, you have to be careful of a few things. You wouldn’t stand uncomfortably close to someone while talking to them or look somewhere else while addressing them. Similarly, when meeting with an escort, there are certain pre-established boundaries that you have to follow. If they have said it is necessary to wear a condom then you must comply with their request. You must also respect their profession, as to not undermine it. Just because someone is getting naked for you to have sex with them because you paid them, doesn’t mean there isn’t a line you can’t cross. This includes any act that might cause pain or discomfort to the other person. It is possible to get caught up in the passion of the moment, which is why communication is the most important factor. There are many risks that come with being an escort, naturally, and it is certainly questionable to ask a callgirl for their personal information, such as their name and contact information.

Rates and services also constitute as boundaries. It is not okay to ask an escort to lower the going rate of a blowjob, just because you are a loyal customer. Just as you wouldn’t ask your doctor to lower the price of a checkup (unless maybe if they were family, but then in this case, it would cause more problems than it would solve). You also mustn’t ask your escort lady to provide any services they have not mentioned in their profile they would not be comfortable doing. Just like you wouldn’t ask your mechanic to also paint your house. Although it may be coming from a wholesome place, don’t try to be the overprotective client. Questions such as “are you doing this voluntarily?” or spending all your time talking to them about their life story and trying to get to know them. It is never your job to “save them from this awful life”. Saying something along the lines of “You’re so cute and smart. You shouldn’t be doing such work” can be demeaning rather than charming. They are professionals. They take their job seriously.

Lastly, it’s sweet to ask a sex worker “what do you like”, but that’s beside the point. In such situations, it isn’t about what they like. Chances are, you don’t even like the same thing. Sure, sex should be fun for both people involved, but paid sex is different. You need to remember that you. Need to let loose so that they can completely focus on you. After all, that is their job. Some clients, often new to sex, may find it difficult to articulate just what they need. It’s important to remember that communication is key. Just be clear about what you want.

Carry yourself well

Hygiene is important. Especially when you don’t know the other person and they don’t know you. You wouldn’t go on a date all shabby looking, beard unkempt, clothes dirty and misfit, hair a complete mess and a mouth not rinsed since last Tuesday. It is vital to make sure that every part of you is looking presentable, at least enough to have sex with a stranger. Shave your pubic hair, trim your nails, groom your beard and your hair and wear pressed clothes that don’t look like you have no idea what fashion is. Apart from that, don’t be absolutely sloshed. If you can’t sit upright in your chair, you can’t have sex and you certainly won’t remember having even tried to, maybe apart from glimpses.

Keep up to date with styles. If you look your best, you’ll feel your best. You’ll perform your best and you’ll be thoroughly satisfied. There’s no point in looking like crap, in turn feeling like crap and eventually, having a crap date and wasting your time and money. Carrying one’s self doesn’t just come with dressing and hygiene. No one will believe you are sophisticated if you walk into a room, grab everyone’s attention with your charming outfit, but then the moment you open your mouth or show off your stride, you clearly look like you have no idea what you’re doing. If you’re out with an Escort Berlin can’t stop turning its head to see, but you’re walking like the hunchback of Notre dame, no one’s going to buy it. Remember. Back straight and upright and shoulders wide. Chest out, stomach in. at some point during the night, you might end up talking. It’s a good idea to choose a soft spoken, but strong, charming and soothing inside voice. Speak at a steady pace. There is no need to hurl all your words out in one breath without stopping to think or articulate.